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Musings of a College-Ruled Crazygirl

Buggre Alle this for a Larke

Jessie, c'est moi.
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Whatever I put down here will be insignificant in the grand scheme of my so-called exsistence.

Important Names you should know before perusing this LJ (otherwise you may be lost):
My name: Jessie
My college: MCLA
My boyfriend: Sean
My siblings: Tony (14), Joey (3), Summer (1)
My step-mom: Danielle
My mom's boyfriend: PJ
My best friends from CT: Ellen, Brian, Lisa M, Steve, Sarah B, Trudee, Eric, Jessica, Emily

And then there's people who perhaps will be mentioned in the future (I'll explain them as it comes up, I guess)...
Friends from MCLA: Jojo, Chris, Sarah L, Myles, Lena, Jesse, Ashley, Liz, Josh, Renee, Charlie, many others...
My friends by proxy to Sean: Erica, Mickey, Matt


I defy you! Come and kneel before Jessie!

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