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Not under an LJ cut because it's late and I'm lazy...

So, Sean left about an hour or two ago.  Holding up pretty well, cosidering.
Lots to do, so I should be pretty busy...

ConnectiCon was enjoyable.  We played board games for the most part, as all the panels and screenings that we were interested in we were either too late for (not getting to the con until 11-12 each day) or we'd be too busy playing board games and lose track of time.  We did go see a hypnotist (I was *this* close to going under) and the Cosplay Masquarade (there were some really nifty skits). 

The Artist's Colony had some pretty interesting things, certainly got a lot of business cards for the possibility of later purchases.  The Dealer's Room also had some awesome stuff (some very lovely, but holy crap pricey, dresses and corsets, etc.)  The problem with all of this awesome stuff to buy was that, well, I am totally Little Miss Frugal, and I start freaking out if I think I've spent too much money and/or been completely irresponsible with said moneys (see, there was this horrifying time in my life (8th/9th grade-ish) where the majority of my income was spent on... keychains.  And I'm terrified to turn into that sort of person again, spending everything and ending up with nothing, especially now with that adulthood thing looming...

ANYWHOO. So I didn't end up getting much for myself.  Let's see... a couple stickers, Bizenghast #1 (because the art is fricking gorgeous), a wooden pirate sword (Sean got a matching one), and we went halfsies on a snuggly Cthulhu hand puppet.  Why yes, we have an adopted baby Elder God.  Why do you ask?)  All in all, I spent more on presents for him than I did on things for myself.  Got him a few pins and a Doctor Who shirt.  And he already knows what I got him for our 1 year, the jerk...

Guess whose boyfriend got her a Joker plushie? :-D

The overall variety of the merchandise was a tad disappointing.  Like, they had a ton of anime and Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts stuff.  Which, don't get me wrong, I love all that.  But more in the way of comic book  and sci-fi stuff would have been nice.  Also, some Metal Gear Solid tchotchkes would have ROCKED.  All I could find was a sticker of a chibi Old Snake... Some Avatar stuff would have been neat.  But, alas, Nickelodeon.

So, yeah.  Board/card games.  We played Scrabble and Scattergories and Fluxx and Munchkin and Bohnanza... but you want to know what really destroys your soul and sucks up your time?  Axis and Allies.  FUCK AXIS AND ALLIES.  (but at least I captured the German capital!)

On Saturday I wore my Watchmen T-shirt and got a bunch of compliments from strangers.  I also ran into the awesome Meg, who I hadn't seen for over a year.  Hopefully maybe we can kind of keep in touch (even though we're both pretty bad at that type of thing).

On an astoundingly less awesome note, I also ran into John Towler.  John Towler creeped me right the fuck out in high school.  He was in my junior year History class, and my Senior year lunch table.  6ft+, black (which has nothing to do with his creepiness), and broader and thicker than Sean.  He was the type of guy who lumbered down the halls and shook classroom floors with heavy feet.  He was the type of guy whose very voice (deep-throated and whiny) grated on you with every syllable, and who would astound and infuriate you with the shit that came out of his mouth ("Oh, man I wish Frank had gotten to blow up the school.  That would have been so cool...")  He was the guy who would come up behind you and touch you, and you swear to god, would rape you in the alley if given a chance.  He was the guy who, on the bus to Six Flags, gave the back rows an elaborate description of how he made out with and almost fingered a deaf mute girl in a library.  He was the guy who eventually got expelled from school for bringing in a pellet gun. 

And what's more, I ran into John Towler while not with Sean (him being "in the bathroom" while I bought his gifts).  I think I'd have probably been spared his creepy attempts to hit on me.

(You know, I can't really give a concrete reason why John Towler scares me so much.  To anyone who hasn't met him, he probably sounds harmless.  But I tell you, there is no one else who presence gave me such an acute sense of dread.  No one else, ever. That has to count for something.)

On a lighter note, Dad and Tony went on Sunday.  We bought Tony a bar of soap with a D10 in it.  Because he smells.  And then we taught them some card games... because we are such total losers. :-P

Would I do it again?  Maybe. Only if Sean was going, as I would never go alone, and my CT friends are not into this kind of stuff. The general female population at the con was pretty annoying (I have a low tolerance for the uber-fangirly, omg!bishonen-loving, Pocky-devouring types).  I'd also want to plan things out more next time, go to more panels and stuff.  And NOT play Axis and Allies.  But all and all, I think it was worth it.

<3 Jessie

P.S.  Would Pocky be as popular if it weren't from Japan? (Probably not, says I.)

P.P.S. There were a bunch of teenage girls wearing "FREE HUGS" signs throughout the weekend.  I had silly thoughts about this... like, would they actually dish out the promised hugs if somebody like my dad (who is 41, btw), or an obese, pimply-faced D&D-er, came up to them and asked for "hug tiems naow, plz?"  I imagined them running away screaming to security and trying to pin the hug-wanter for sexual assault.  And the secuity guards roll on the floor with laughter...
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omg! crazysam!

Reunion things

So, ahh... the Carr family reunion was this past weekend.  Vermont.  Sean held up amazingly well, considering he was surrounded by 58 some-odd new faces and personalities (My family is very large, yo.).  Several family members in particular seemed to take a shine to him... yay.

Also, he seemed to really enjoy the area and our land.  Which I was extremely happy about, because the VT property holds a Hallmarky place in my heart, and a tiny part of me dies when people don't find it as awesome and beautiful as I do.

And I met my little cousin Miranda for the first time since that one time before she was two (she's 8 now)...  Cute kid.  Sharp as a tack.  Sweet as anything.  But holy crap, is she a handful...

Bah... I mean, I could go on and on about what we did, and family gossip and stuff, but for whatever reason, I'm not in the mood.  Last time I looked, Sean was writing a sizable entry on our weekend.  Go read that.

Maybe I'll post some select quotes later.

<3 Jessie

P.S.  The audition went well.  Don't know if we got parts yet...

P.P.S.  My cousin Angel and I caught 15 frogs on Sunday.  We are totally five year-olds.  :-D
omg! smecker!

Jessie could be a film actress, whut?!

Okay, so on a whim I checked my school email account, and it appears that both Sean and I were sent a flyer about a casting call for extras for a new Ang Lee movie called "Taking Woodstock."  Yes, that means hippies.  :-D 
Apparently, "having long hair is a plus."

One of the auditions is being held this Sunday in Bennington VT, 10-6.  Which is pretty coolies, since Sean and I will already be in VT for the reunion, and it's only about an hour and a half away from Belmont.  I figure if we leave early in the morning (around 8:30-9:00) we can be back at the reunion before anyone misses us.

Don't know if we're going to actually do this thing.  Prospects seem kinda likely... I want to talk it over with Mom, though.

And if we do end up getting the bit parts, where it's actually being filmed is only like 45 mins from school.  Hell, we could bribe someone with snacks to take us there and back.

Plus, it's an acting job that pays money. Dunno how much.
But the experience would be awesome!

Now to find a flattering and recent photo...

<3 Miz Jesseh

P.S. I've started drawing and writing again.  HOORAY.
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omg! Hanny!

"Yes, it's Manos!" "The hands of fate?" "...Yes."

MST3K is awesome.
Sean and I watched the glorious "Manos:  the Hands of Fate" episode, and while "Pod People" will always be my sentimental favorite, this one is still very excellent.  The plot of the actual movie is painfully slow.  Painfully.

But there is one scene at the end where there are these two women in the car...

Crow, as woman in car folding its top up:  "Uh-oh, wait, there's somethin' gainin' on us!  Uh, oh, never mind, it's just the top.  I'm intensely stupid!"

Servo, as other woman in car:  "So, so, I told Gary that I was GOING on this vacation, so he goes, "Well, then I'm goin' hunting with Jeff next weekend." Well, that's when we were at knives. And then Lou sang "Fernando," and then Gary--oh, he sings so good. You should meet Jeff sometime. Do you like Barry Manilow songs? I know the farmers need rain, but when it's damp like this, my hair just explodes--just ex-puh-lodes! Oooh, I'm feelin' kinda gassy; McNuggets, y'know, they make me so gassy, all that grease and all. It really helps if you drink eight to ten glasses of water a day; did you know that? Sometimes I drink five; sometimes I drink nine just to make up for the other three I didn't drink. Oh, coffee and diet drinks don't count either. Y'know, this is pretty country, isn't it? Y'know, it's really kind of a blessing in disguise that I didn't get accepted to college, yeah. You know, I'm gonna have to revise my twenty-year plan, but--oh, did I tell you about my twenty-year plan? Okay, well, okay, listen here. In year one, this is the year when I'm going to take off those extra seven pounds--you know, that's equal to seven pounds of butter, huh-huh! So it's like I'm wearing seven pounds of butter, ha-ha! And, uh--oh, oh, where was I? Oh, oh, yeah. So my aunt and uncle here, they celebrated their twentieth anniversary, and my uncle wanted to sing, uh, "Sunrise, Sunset"--he wanted ME to sing that, and I haven't sung that since Cindy's wedding, and, well, she never thanked me for that--well, I'm still--uh, well, y'know, she's probably really busy and all, but..."

The whole rambling bit reminded me of Grandpa's 2nd wife, Betty, who is Ohioan and fairly nice, but cannot, for the life of her STOP TALKING.

Those're my thoughts for the day.
<3 Jessie
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omg! colbert!

You know you're not doing your job as a girlfriend when...

Your darling boyfriend dear is the first one to say "Happy 10th Month!"
...And you completely forgot it was coming up... let alone it being TODAY, June July 3rd.

The woman is supposed to remember all this sort of crud.  I'm a disgrace to my gender!

Maybe I've just been out of the kitchen too long...

Happy 10th month, loserface!
You're probably stuck with me for a while...
<3 Jessie
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omg! hand!

Stolen meme!

Post three things you've done in your lifetime that you don't think anybody else on your friends list has done. See if anybody else responds with "I've done that." Optionally, if one of them has done something on your list, add a new item in its place. Have your friends cut & paste this into their journal to see what unique things they've done in their life.

I have...

1.  Pulled apart the boiled carcass of a rabbit, thought the hip bone was the rabbit's skull, and sobbed hysterically for 10 straight minutes.

2.  Kareoke'd Bob Dylan's "Rainy Day Woman #12 & 35" in a mock Dylan voice in front of a room of complete strangers, after which a girl ran up to me and said that was awesome and she wanted to marry me... ("Everybody must get stoned!")

3.  Been given a Quija board for my 13th birthday, which was taken away 2 days later after an incident during her birthday sleepover in which my idiot friends attempted to invoke both the devil and the vengeful spirit of KFC's Colonel Sanders... (I am almost 20 now. I still haven't gotten it back.)

I doubt anyone has done these things but me.  They're too specific.
I just wanted to use this as an excuse to share some silly stories.  :-D

<3 Jessie
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omg! hand!

Adventures @ Rubachem Systems

So Sean and I have been at our new job for 4 days now, and it's not horrible.  Granted, it's basically glorified telemarketing, and it's disheartening to hear "No, we're not interested" for 4 hours a day... but the people I work with are pretty friendly, and, heck it's easy money!
Sean pointed out today that both of us together will make just shy of $400 a week... O_o

All in all, it goes well... except for the fact that Sean is two successful pitches ahead of me.  Bitchface. :-D

Anyway, on Monday we went through training, and Mike, our supervisor, was having us read through the script, using him as a dummy.  One of the things we have to do is find out what the interested folk like to do in their spare time (in order to give them promos and stuff in the possible future). It was my turn...

Me:  So, Mike, what do you for fun?
Mike:  Uh, I read.
Me:  Cool!  What kind of books do you read?
Mike:  ...I don't read books.
Me:  Oh.  Well, do you read magazines?
Mike:  I read signs.
Me:  What types of signs do you like to read?
Mike:  Traffic signs.
Me:  What's your favorite kind of traffic sign?
Mike:  Stop signs.
Me:  Awesome.  And do you read stop signs with your friends and family?
Mike:  Sometimes.
Me:  Do you have any children, Mike?
Mike:  Yeah. I got two boys, 10 and 8 years old.
Me:  Great!  And do your sons like to read signs with you?
Mike: ...They don't know how to read.

The amazing thing was that I kept a straight face through the entire thing.  And then after it was over I couldn't stop laughing for an entire minute...

That's about it for now.  Toodles.
<3 Jessie

P.S.  Sean and I made a great dinner tonight.  He made the marinated steak (rare, yum), and I did the broccoli and rice.  It was tastier than anything similar from a restaurant.  I love that I have a boyfriend who can cook!

P.P.S.  I'll be in the CT area this Saturday and Sunday, to pack up the stuff I have at Dad and Danielle's place.  They're moving to Portland, CT next weekend.  So much for a break from work... :-
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omg! hand!


Holy crap.  Metal Gear Solid 4 is fucking GORGEOUS.
In a realistic, gritty sort of way.
OMG cutscenes. And the music.

Okay, back to watching...

<3 Jessie

P.S.  Old Snake is still pretty hot... I mean, what?!
omg! abe!

(no subject)

I have a job HOORAY!
(Sean does too.)  We start on Monday.  Hopefully I won't suck at this telemarketing stuff...

So I guess I'll be staying longer in NJ than I originally planned.  Not the whole rest of the summer though.  I'll go back to CT at some point... probably mid/late July-ish?  Hmmm...

I will need to go back two weekends from now, though, so I can pack up my stuff at Dad and Danielle's, since they're going to be moving to Portland, CT at the end of the month... Whee!

And holy crap there was this huge, crazy rainstorm... Buckets of rain and thunder and strobe-light style lightning.  It was freaking awesome.

Well, that's about it for today.
<3 Jessie
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