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Sooo, uh...

Yeah, I haven't updated since February. STFU. Life got busy.

Things that happened Spring semester:
  • Played Tubal the Jew clown in a carnival themed production of Merchant of Venice.  They made me a girl who has an unrequited love for Shylock. I was awesome.
  • Mentored a 7th grader's creative writing ventures. Her name was Kendalle, she was a cool kid, and I will probably never see her again.
  • Did monologues from The Shining and Dr. Stangelove for a one-act play festival.
  • Very interesting St. Patrick's Day.  Stairs were... interesting to walk up and down, and Sean and I got major headaches. We still did the dishes before bed.
  • Played and finished Silent Hill 2, Shadow of the Colossus, and Psychonauts.  This was a big feat for me, because I have a habit of playing a bunch of games at once and never finishing them... I want the other Silent Hills.
I think those are the big ones.
Sean and I are still together. If we weren't, you'd have probably heard about it by now. There were one or two rocky bits, but those are personal, thankyouverymuch, and not relationship-ending, obviously. Relationship-strengthening, perhaps. :-)

Sooo, it's summertime. Whoop-de-do. Summer is insanely long, and even though I get to see CT friends and family, I wish I could still be at college, without the classes. I hate CT. And it's not even June yet.... Oy.

I've been in the process of trying to find a job. Results are nada. I'm calling Toys R Us later, so hopefully I at least get an interview... This job-hunting might result in barganing with the devil...

Sean and I had a very lovely weekend together after school let out. We went back to North Adams to see The Most Offensive Redroom Ever. The Redroom being a monthly cabaret and wine get-together that's run by one of my favorite professors (who is married to my other favorite professor). We also had tasty Indian food and ice cream in Williamstown, and stayed at Holiday Inn for the night. TOTALLY WORTH IT. If we hadn't had this, we wouldn't have had a proper goodbye (Sean had had... technical difficulties with moving his stuff, and our goodbye then was really short, since he had to get to U-Haul before it closed (fail) and I left before he came back.

He's going away to Virginia Tech for a 10-week paid environmental fellowship, and he's currently waiting at the airport for the plane that will take him on the first part of that journey.  I probably won't see him until August.  It's hard, and some days are harder than others, but I'm doing just fine.  We talk every night, and the buttload of money will be great for our studying abroad in Scotland. :-D

More on that another time!
I'll try and update this more often,
<3 Jessie


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