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Nadya Suleman is an irresponsible twatface.

No, seriously.

She's just had eight kids from in vitro, in addition to the six she already had (in vitro). She's single, unemployed, and gets disability for three of her older kids (one has autism, one had a "speech delay" and one has ADHD.) ADHfuckingD?! Bitch, please. We never got disability for Tony. Stop exploiting the system.
Also, she plans on going back to school to get her Master's, use the school's daycare to look after her kids, and will USE STUDENT LOANS TO SUPPORT HER KIDS. She already has $50,000 in student loans out already...

This is a perfect example of people who shouldn't be allowed to breed.
Well, in her case, in vitro themselves.

I haven't even talked about how the Cali taxpayers are reacting...



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