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I have a feeling Sean would think this was DELICIOUS. :-P

This article coming to me, of course, the day after we made super yummy eggs with the shredded last bit of our Gouda cheese log, sauteed onions, and crumbled bacon... cooked with the grease from the bacon pan, to "conserve our resources." Seriously, they were amazing and beyond restaurant-quality.

Don't worry, we each did 25 crunches to make up for it! :-D

<3 Jessie

P.S. I've been quite happier these past few days.  Mostly because of things. Things that didn't bother me nearly as much as Sean (or I) thought they would. Which is to say, after the fact, very little. Except I wish I had better comprehension skills and wasn't the type of person who needs things explained to them. And that I was smarter. I that my brain (and by extension, my voice) didn't make connections during conversations that nobody else understands (granted, I learned to converse from my mother, who is the queen of this... seriously, you should listen in on a discussion between us)... Mostly, this is me wishing that I was perfect. And more confidable. And perfect.

Also, I love everyone. <3

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