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Bernie Mac is dead.  At 50.  From complications of PNEUMONIA.

I mean, it not affecting me in the same way as Steve Irwin, Heath Ledger, and George Carlin did when they died (and even then, only George made me cry, and that was for... like, five seconds)... but damn.  I used to watch Bernie's show back in the day...

And Morgan Freeman was in that huge car accident earlier this week... but except for some broken body parts, apparently he's fine.  I tell you it's a good thing that he didn't die because I think that Tony would flip several shits.  He worships the ground that man walks on...

And on a different note...

Oh, and about the recent news that John Edwards had an affair back in 2006... SHUT UP.
I mean, yeah, it's a horrible thing to do, and I would flense the man who ever would do it to me... but the only reason it's getting any publicity is because he's a famous politician... with a wife who has breast cancer.

Gah.  This stuff happens all the time.

The media needs to back the fuck away from his personal life and stop making a big deal out of it.

Edwards and his wife had this all settled out soon after it happened.  Before the breast cancer was diagnosed.  Both of them wanted to keep it on the down low.  They didn't want anyone to know...

And the article I read said that he's a "political outcast" now.  I dunno, that's a bit much.  Bill Clinton is not really an outcast.  JFK was never one, partly because he died, partly because everyone knew to keep their mouths shut.

But it's probably killed his chances as a running mate.  Which is sad.  I wish people wouldn't base their vote on that type of thing... but they do.

Y'know instead of basing their vote on something silly.  LIKE POLITICS.

<3 Jessie

P.S. I know, holy crap, Jessie has an opinion on something!  And she voiced it

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