January 30th, 2009

omg! iroh!


So, Sean and I are making dinner right now.  Lamb chops.  And we were talking about spicing them...

Me: Can I spice them?

Sean: *gives me a look, because being the one to spice our dishes is usually a competition between us*

Seeing his look, I jump up and unbutton my pants.

Me: That's it. Dick measuring contest, let's go.

Sean: *still seated, glances at my pants* I win.

Me: *stomping my foot* God dammit! Every fucking time...

Needless to say, it turned out to be his night to spice... :-P
We've been making really tasty things lately.  Porterhouse steaks bought on the cheap, kielbasa, burritos, etc. Have I mentioned that I love having a kitchen?

Anyway, off to the Short Play Festival. Ta!
<3 Jessie

P.S. Also, someone in my house ate my frozen peas.  We were saving them!  There are currently 3 other girls besides me.  It wasn't my roommate Jess because she's not a bitch and only uses the kitchen for her Powerade addiction. Sarah only eats string cheese and Domino's (although I wouldn't put it past her if she actually ate vegetables. So I am 95% sure it was Caylin, who has the freezer packed full with her goddamn frozen raviolis, her goddamn frozen Bird's Eye roasted potatoes with veggies, and her goddamn frozen cheesy rice with broccoli. Which all have HER NAME ON IT.  Apparently things in the freezer without a name on them are free game? Seriously, if her frozen spinach wasn't in plain sight within the freezer, I totally would have been on that shit.  So, as it turned out, we had lamb chops and rice, but no veggie. UNBALANCED MEAL ARRRRRGGGGHHH.
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