January 10th, 2009

omg! iroh!

Oh Boy, You'll get a kick out of this, Sean...


Ahh, PETA.

In other news, I am at MCLA and have been completely unpacked for hours (Mom wanted to beat Winter Storm Carlos, so she brought me here earlier).  I'm the only one here, which is REALLY nice.  I am currently sitting down to a tasty meal of really good deli ham and smoked gouda with horseradish mustard on a snowball roll, pretzels with raspberry honey mustard pretzel dip, and I think the water's ready for a nice cup of peppermint cocca in my favorite mug.

I downloaded Repo! The Genetic Opera the other day, so I'm going to watch that.
And then play some PS2...

Also, it's mighty cold.

<3 Jessie

P.S. On a less nice note, I found two things of milk in the fridge. Expiration date Dec 16 2008. God I hate my housemates.
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    "What's Up" by 4 Non Blondes (damn you, Tony!)