November 21st, 2006

omg! Hanny!

Deedle deedle dee...

My b-day is in 4 days omg...
I'm turning 18.
I always thought it would be more exciting than this.
Alas.. it's not. I actually keep forgetting it's coming up.. people keep reminding me. Presents should be nice, though. I think Mum's getting me an iPod, and perhaps Dad and Danielle will get me Final Fantasy 12.


I'm so tired. 6-hour rehersal last night, with costumes. I'm on next Thursday and Saturday nights. (I expect Angel and teh Emileh to attend *cough cough* Thursdays are always a complete bust, but Sat. night is being filmed, which is exciting. Me and Steve are on the same nights (OMG Happy! He looks so handsome in his suit!) but Sarah B. isn't. Pissed, her double isn't nearly as good, and she doesn't even know all her lines... Hell, this entire production is going to be a turkey shoot in the dark.. we were doing horrid, then we did really well for a good week and a half... now we're back to sucking again. I know I'm decent, my "hilarious" performance has been consistently strong for the last couple weeks (hooray for vocal projection!!)... and, well, nobody can play crazy like I can. Nobody. Crazy can't be taught, it's something you're born with...

Ellen is convinced that Steve and I want to "bang eachother" and even went so far as to ram us up against eachother last night. Other people (ahem, Liz) seem to think that we are an "item." Dammit, I feel like we're back in 8th grade again when everyone was like "Omg steve and jessie should ttly go owt!!1!" We will, eventually. But we are too close to just rush into something like this. We would like to be more experinced before that happens. Cause once it does, it'll be looooong-term. In his words: "We need to get all the sex out of our system."
We've agreed on 5 lovers each.
Right now, we're both at ZERO.

In other news, MCLA was amazing, the scenery was gorgeous, and I will keel over and die if I am not accepted.
On that note, I must wrap up my essay and figure out how to send them my SAT scores...


<3 Jezzy
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