September 28th, 2006

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So I've been looking at colleges for about 6 months now... and I pretty much made my decision...
Or so I thought.

The school I've been seriously considering is MCLA... The Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in North Adams, Mass. Tuition is only 10,000 a year... which is really fucking cheap. Plus, the programs are pretty happening.
Here's the website:

So I'm ready and raring to visit the campus, fill out an application, etc. right?

Well, in Sociology today we were discussing incest as a deviant act... and Mr. Barbarrota thought he'd share a funny story with us all...

Mr. B: You'd think incest would happen more down south or in the mountains, right? Not so. When my dad was younger, he went to a small college in Massachusetts. A couple months after he started as a freshman, he found out from several people that the town is the Self-Proclaimed Incest Capital of America.

Everyone had a good laugh at that. Me, being a curious cat, asked what town it was.

You know where this is going, don't you?

...It figures that the one college I really, really want to go to just happens to be located in Incestville...


P.S On the plus side, I can always get my cousin Elijah to come for a visit when I'm there... 

What?! Mom does keep going on about how AWESOME Elijah is, HOTT he says I am, and how she thinks it sucks that me and him are related, and how wishes that we could get married and have lots of pretty babies...

My family is odd.

I'll shut up now.

<3 Moi
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