July 30th, 2006

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purplesyringes... taken from her...
List 7 songs you're into right now.. tag others...
(Y'all probably don't know most of these songs... ah well...)

1.) "Word Disassociation" ~ Lemon Demon (teh best dude in the world)

2.) "Mr. Writer" ~ Stereophonics

3.) "American Pie" ~ Jimmy Buffet (I swear I listen to this song at least 3x a day)

4.) "Myspace Makes Me Happy" ~ Maxwell (funniest shit ever...)

5.) "Clark Gable" ~ The Postal Service

6.) "Shell" ~Bana (obscure Japanese singer, theme to Witch Hunter Robin)

7.) "Hips Don't Lie" ~ Shakira (*hangs head in shame*)

daphne1d (when you come back)

One of these days I'll post some actual life-related stuff...

<3 Jesseh


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