May 22nd, 2006

omg! braff!

:' (

The family snake died over the weekend. His name was Slytherin, and we'd had him for over 5 years. He was the sweetest, most beautiful snake in the world.. when you tickled the top of his head, he'd rub against your hand... He would only eat frozen rodents, as he was afraid of live mice. <3

I've done my fair share of crying, yet I'm strangely numb. It doesn't feel as if he's gone. My little bro has been taking it pretty rough... Slytherin was really his, and he's been feeling all kinds of guilt about not holding him enough. Poor guy.

We're eventually going to Petco to get another snake.. but really, nothing can replace him.

So long Slytherin, my snakey friend... you will be missed.

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