May 8th, 2006

omg! Hanny!

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A light-hearted journal entry.

I'm not at school because I still have to finish my visual aid, which is due tomorrow. *headdesk*
Fucking Mondays.

Recent Movies I've Seen: Tristan+Isolde, The Good Girl, 28 Days Later, Mulholland Drive

Speaking of movies....
There's this guy, Josh. He works at Blockbuster.
Everytime I go there, he goes out of his way to point out good movies.

Like on Friday. We (Josh, my mom, and me) had a 30 minute dicussion... on just movies! He did this awesome improv thing where he mocked the bad dialouge in Saw. It was hilarious.

He's a big David Lynch fan, and recommended Mulholland Drive. I asked him if he had ever seen Twin Peaks, and he said no, but that he wanted to, and that he had the Fire Walk With Me DVD but had never watched it. I told him not to, since the movie would make no sense whatsoever if he hadn't seen the TV show.

A bit about Josh: Eager to please, funny, friendly, sexy, and a film student at some college (I didn't ask where).
No wedding ring. ^_^
Also, he looks a bit like my cousin Harry. They have the same forhead, you see.

I am feeling all sorts of GEEKY LOVE for this guy.

Guess where I'm applying to for a summer job?

Blockbuster, bitches.
Fuck Toys R Us.
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