April 25th, 2006

omg! hand!

Magneto wants teh gay sex...

"Actor Sir Ian McKellen complained on the set of upcoming sequel X-Men: The Last Stand, because he wanted his character Magneto to have some gay sex scenes.

The Lord Of The Rings star, who has been openly gay since 1988, insists a homoerotic sub-plot would have enhanced the movie.

McKellen tells Empire magazine, 'He hasn't been given a love line, which I think is a pity. It would be wonderful if the camera hovered over Magneto's bed, to discover him making love to Professor X.'

However, McKellen admits he needed camera trickery to help him match Magneto's muscular physique.

He adds, 'I'd like to see him at the gym, because in the comics he has the most amazing body. I'm the slimline version of Magneto, but of course, these days you could morph my body into something really fantastic.'"

...but why not Wolverine? ;)
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