March 30th, 2006

omg! hand!

V for Vendetta kicks all sorts of ass...

I came back from seeing it with Stephen a couple hours ago.
It blew my freaking mind.
So good.
Special effects, storyline, everything.
(Although, Natalie Portman left a little to be desired... I'll let that slide)
I can't wait to rush to the nearest Barnes & Noble and buy the graphic novel... I've heard it's even better.

Hugo Weaving has a voice that could rival Alan Rickman's for its ability to send a girl into a shuddering eargasm.
I'm just sayin'.

P.S. And you know what makes the entire movie worth it?

Announcer:  Yes, it's V, for all your housewifery needs! He cooks, cleans, and terrorizes! His eggs in a basket can't be beat, and he sure knows how to make julienne fries out of those pesky Party members!  Own your very own V for the low, low price of 1 authoritarian government!
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