March 27th, 2006

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Monday today.
Or, as I like to call it: Markday, as it's the only time I get to see my OoL for an extended period of time.
Some Markdays are a disappointment; sometimes he's absent... other times he's on the other side of the cafe annoying various people.
Today wasn't a disappointment... today he chose to annoy me.

He came over to the table me and Sarah were sitting at, asking for twenty cents so he could get a drink out of the veing machine. We both said no. He made a fuss about coming all the way over to us for nothing.
Me: Oh, all right, let's see if I have anything... (rustles through purse) Look, here's a dime...
Mark: But I need more.
Me: Dude, take it or leave it.
Mark: Eehh!
Me: Fine then... (goes to put dime back in purse)
Mark: No, I'll give you 80 cents for it! (holds out money)
Me: Sweet. (takes money, puts it in purse)
Mark: Hey, I need that! (starts going though purse)
Me: But you-
Sarah: Dude, never go through a girl's stuff.
Me: (tries to bite his arm) Give me that! (grabs purse, gives back 80 cents) Happy?
Mark: Eehh!

At some point during this, my hand ended up being right up against his... and he, umm...rubbed the side of mine with his pinkie.

Mmhmm. Then he took my copy of Beowulf.
Mark: (looking at cover) What the hell?
Me: Beowulf.
Sarah: And that's a chain mail head.
Mark: Ooooohhhh... (feels teh bumpiness)
Me: (opens book) See, it's bilingual. English and Old English!
Then he tried to argue with us about why there should be English, Old English, and Older English. *facepalm*

As he got up to leave, I waved my dime in front of his face. He grabbed for it, and I pulled back but wasn’t fast enough. I latched on to his hand and dragged me and my chair a good 6 feet before I finally got up, still holding tight to his hand. We started to wrestle for it, arms twisting and bodies turning, me trying (but not really) to bite his hand, both of us making an odd spectacle for the people around us to watch. I kept almost wrenching the coin away from him, but then he’d maneuver his fingers and stuff.

We got so into it, Mark accidentally whacked me on the head with his elbow. Then he dropped to the floor, still clutching my hand, and picked up a dime.
Me: Oh good, so you don’t need mine anymore.
Mark: Nuh-uh, I still need another ten cents...
With that, he drew me towards him. I twisted his arm around, turned my back to him, and brought his hand close to my chest, hoping to surprise him, but he pulled me up to his own chest...
Mark: C’mon you, let’s go...
...and proceeded to march me over to the drink machine.

On the way, he found another dime and finally let me go.
Mark: Heh. Well, I don’t need you anymore...
Me: What?! You drag me around all over the place, you crush my poor fingers... all for nothing? (jokingly) You bastard!

I walked off back to Sarah. The bell rang soon after, and Mark came up to me...
Mark: Hey, um... did I hurt you?
Me: Huh?
Mark: I didn’t hurt you, did I?
Me: Pssh. (dryly) Well, emotionally, yeah... and I’ll tell you tomorrow if any bruises pop up.
Mark: (laughs)
We talked a little while longer until I had to go upstairs to my locker. I said “See ya,” but Mark didn’t hear me and didn’t notice me slipping off. I got my stuff and came down the stairwell. Mark came out of the 2nd floor doors, saw me, and we walked side by side down the stairs.
Mark: You disappeared!
Me: Well, I did have to go to the 3rd floor for my backpack. Sorry!
Mark: You just up and left!
Me: Aw, come on... you didn’t even notice me leaving!
Mark: (smiles, turns to the 1st floor doors)
Me: (to his retreating form) You don’t care!
Aaron R.: (from behind me) I don’t either.
Me: Huhwha?
Aaron R.: (grins) I don’t care about you.
Me: (rolls eyes) Gee, thanks, Aaron... I know I can always count on you.
With that, me and Aaron got on the bus and spent the ride home discussing SNL Celebrity Jeopardy.

I can still feel Mark poking me in the leg. Pressing me up against him. My god, the hands on this boy. Strong... big...
You know what they say about that ;)
I want his hands all over me... *tries not to orgasm, fails miserably*

One way or another, I swear I will net this boy. I will use every ounce of my feminine wiles in order to achieve this goal. I haven’t been so determined about a boy in, like, ever.

God, I sound like some freaky, predatorial, domanatrix man-eater, but I’m not.
I don’t know if it will ever amount to anything, this game of ours...
I just, really, really want him to touch me again.

And with that note...
Happy Markday!

P.S. It sucks that me and Mark aren’t in the same gym class anymore, cause we’re starting swimming this week... and I would kill to see Mark shirtless, in nothing but swim trunks.
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