February 27th, 2006

omg! hand!

Lovely lovely

Ooh, today certainly was lovely.
*aHEM* Y'know, aside from the C I got on a Chemistry test that I studied my ass off for...

Anywhoodle, I spent an extened period of time with one Mark W. during cafe study. Yes, the same Mark I spent endless entries musing/drooling/obsessing over, thank you. He is still as goofy-hawt as ever, if not more so. He was also wearing a RENT shirt, which gives any straight male a bijillion bonus points in my book.

It started by me walking by and tweaking him in the nipply pectoral region.

Among other things, we discussed the inane physical properties of the batmask in Batman Begins.
I suggested practiscing the suspension of disbelief; Mark said he would rather complain.

Then, he started chucking little bits of cardboard from the back of Sarah's notebook at me. Many flew into my hair (I'm still picking them off).. a good deal were launched, intentionally or otherwise, into my sad, sorry cleavage.


I got back at him by attempting to steal his flamey ring, but he was quick... we had an exquisite round of tug-of-war in which I was the decided victor.
Damn, that boy's strong.
Nice hands, too. Big.

Mark told me that he has ADD. This explains the endearingly spontaneous things he does. Told him that my little bro has the same thing, and that I had a lot of experience with it, and that I didn't mind it at all.

He smiled.

God, that boy makes me melt.
In the words of Sarah to me and Mark: "Oh, get a room." 

...Although, it is rather disheartening to realize that your OoL (Object of Lust) has the same disorder as your bro, and therefore reminds you of said sibling.
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