February 3rd, 2006

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I spent from like 4 to 12 last night watching an HBO miniseries that Irented called "Angels in America." It takes place in the 80's and deals with religion, Reganism, and AIDS. Al Pacino, Meryl Streep, Mary Louise Parker, Patrick Wilson (a.k.a. Raoul from Phantom of the Opera) and James Cromwell (a.k.a. Farmer Hogget from Babe) are some of the actors in it. It's pretty sad, but good for a laugh if you want to see Emma Thompson play a crazy nutter angel. Oh, and there's this guy...

His name is Justin Kirk. I have no idea who he is, but my mom and I both agree that he plays a damn fine gay man.

I wasn't feeling too hot today (nausea, insomnia, grogginess, cramps, loss of appetite) so I stayed home. Can you believe it's only the 2nd day I've taken off all year? Amazing...

I finished reading The Cider House Rules. Damn, that was sad... I wanted to cry during so many parts, but during my whole perusal of this book, I've had an uncanny, accidental habit of reading all the teary parts during school... a setting which makes it very hard to cry during books.
So during my day off today, I watched the movie based on the book (Stephen got it for me for Christmas)... and I cried like a little bitch. Hell, I was crying two minutes in...
I'm such a wussbag.
Sometimes it sucks being a girl.

My English teacher wants me to make her a recommended reading list for over the summer. I'm actually looking forward to doing this. I'll definitely put The World According to Garp on it.

Some funny links for you:
An E-Card featuring Tom Cruise: http://www1.egreetings.com/display.pd?prodnum=3092259&path=8031
The Ultimate Showdown (a.k.a. the greatest cartoon music video you will ever see): http://newgrounds.com/portal/view/285267 (make sure to watch it w/ subtitles)


Stephen: So yesterday in cafe study a trailer for Brokeback Mountain comes on, and one of the girls at my table said she was dying to see it and I say "Oh, it's such a good movie." Stunned silence. Everyone turns to me and says "You saw that movie?" And I was like, "Yeah, I saw it with Jessie." "You saw that movie?!!" "It was good... who cares if it had gay cowboys?" Now everyone thinks I'm gay 'cause I saw Brokeback Mountain.. but once you get past the scene with drunken , noisy buttsex... it's not bad at all.
(I feel kinda bad for him. It must suck to be a perfectly straight, open-minded, popular guy with a lisp.)

Yesterday in U.S. History...
Mr. Aros: (talking about factory work) Women were able to do the detailed stuff, they were careful. More than the men. How many of you guys don't have stitches?
(Only like 3 boys raise their hand)
Mr. Aros: Case in point.
Me: Well, I got four stiches in my head once...
Mr. Aros: (puzzled) You did?
Me: Yeah, when I was 4 I was running around and sombody had left some newspapers on the floor. I slipped and cracked my head on the corner of the wall. You could see right to the bone, no blood though.
Mr. Aros: ...But you're okay now, right?
Me: (shrug) For the most part, yeah.
My Friend Aaron: Physically, she's okay... but mentally... (turns around to me and smiles)
Me: If I had something on my desk right now that was unimportant enough to throw at you, I would. (patting "The Cider House Rules") But I value my book too much.
Mr. Aros: She values her book too much!
Aaron: Gee, thanks...
Me: (smiling sweetly at Aaron, showing my teeth)
Mr. Aros: Oh, you are a dead man...

Farewell for now, my lovelies...
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