February 1st, 2006

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Yesterday, in French class...

Ken (our rap-lovin', party-hardin', resident Canadian): (to me) Ugh, I hate my guitar class!
Me: Well, it is guitar, how much fun could that be? (I'm a piano girl)
Ken: It's not that... I'm, like, the only normal one in there!
Me: What do you mean, normal?
Ken: The other kids wear all black and eyeliner and shit.. and they keep staring at me!
Me: (laughing) Aw, poor Ken!

People amuse me so very much!

My friend Lisa (yea, Angel, the one you know about) went to a concert on Monday at The Webster. She met up with Chester, a guy who works there whom Lisa had a major crush on last year. They talked a bunch, and Chester ended up kissing her twice and telling her he loved her. (Aww!) So, he's supposed to call her today.. I hope things go well, her last boyfriend broke up with her cause she was eight years too young!
Angel, Lisa said to rub this in your face... all in good fun.

We're about to read Frankenstein in English class. Sweet.

Currently Reading: The Cider House Rules by John Irving (this man is god.)
Next Up: Probably the new translation of Beowulf by Sean Heaney

P.S. Now that I finally have sound back on my computer, I've been watching a bunch of flash movies... tomorrow's entry will feature a whole list of them...
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