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I have a nagging feeling that things were said and done outside of anything or anyone I have control over. And that things were sorely misconstrued.

But, okay.
omg! cox!

Sooo, uh...

Yeah, I haven't updated since February. STFU. Life got busy.

Things that happened Spring semester:
  • Played Tubal the Jew clown in a carnival themed production of Merchant of Venice.  They made me a girl who has an unrequited love for Shylock. I was awesome.
  • Mentored a 7th grader's creative writing ventures. Her name was Kendalle, she was a cool kid, and I will probably never see her again.
  • Did monologues from The Shining and Dr. Stangelove for a one-act play festival.
  • Very interesting St. Patrick's Day.  Stairs were... interesting to walk up and down, and Sean and I got major headaches. We still did the dishes before bed.
  • Played and finished Silent Hill 2, Shadow of the Colossus, and Psychonauts.  This was a big feat for me, because I have a habit of playing a bunch of games at once and never finishing them... I want the other Silent Hills.
I think those are the big ones.
Sean and I are still together. If we weren't, you'd have probably heard about it by now. There were one or two rocky bits, but those are personal, thankyouverymuch, and not relationship-ending, obviously. Relationship-strengthening, perhaps. :-)

Sooo, it's summertime. Whoop-de-do. Summer is insanely long, and even though I get to see CT friends and family, I wish I could still be at college, without the classes. I hate CT. And it's not even June yet.... Oy.

I've been in the process of trying to find a job. Results are nada. I'm calling Toys R Us later, so hopefully I at least get an interview... This job-hunting might result in barganing with the devil...

Sean and I had a very lovely weekend together after school let out. We went back to North Adams to see The Most Offensive Redroom Ever. The Redroom being a monthly cabaret and wine get-together that's run by one of my favorite professors (who is married to my other favorite professor). We also had tasty Indian food and ice cream in Williamstown, and stayed at Holiday Inn for the night. TOTALLY WORTH IT. If we hadn't had this, we wouldn't have had a proper goodbye (Sean had had... technical difficulties with moving his stuff, and our goodbye then was really short, since he had to get to U-Haul before it closed (fail) and I left before he came back.

He's going away to Virginia Tech for a 10-week paid environmental fellowship, and he's currently waiting at the airport for the plane that will take him on the first part of that journey.  I probably won't see him until August.  It's hard, and some days are harder than others, but I'm doing just fine.  We talk every night, and the buttload of money will be great for our studying abroad in Scotland. :-D

More on that another time!
I'll try and update this more often,
<3 Jessie

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omg! iroh!

Nadya Suleman is an irresponsible twatface.

No, seriously.

She's just had eight kids from in vitro, in addition to the six she already had (in vitro). She's single, unemployed, and gets disability for three of her older kids (one has autism, one had a "speech delay" and one has ADHD.) ADHfuckingD?! Bitch, please. We never got disability for Tony. Stop exploiting the system.
Also, she plans on going back to school to get her Master's, use the school's daycare to look after her kids, and will USE STUDENT LOANS TO SUPPORT HER KIDS. She already has $50,000 in student loans out already...

This is a perfect example of people who shouldn't be allowed to breed.
Well, in her case, in vitro themselves.

I haven't even talked about how the Cali taxpayers are reacting...


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omg! iroh!


So, Sean and I are making dinner right now.  Lamb chops.  And we were talking about spicing them...

Me: Can I spice them?

Sean: *gives me a look, because being the one to spice our dishes is usually a competition between us*

Seeing his look, I jump up and unbutton my pants.

Me: That's it. Dick measuring contest, let's go.

Sean: *still seated, glances at my pants* I win.

Me: *stomping my foot* God dammit! Every fucking time...

Needless to say, it turned out to be his night to spice... :-P
We've been making really tasty things lately.  Porterhouse steaks bought on the cheap, kielbasa, burritos, etc. Have I mentioned that I love having a kitchen?

Anyway, off to the Short Play Festival. Ta!
<3 Jessie

P.S. Also, someone in my house ate my frozen peas.  We were saving them!  There are currently 3 other girls besides me.  It wasn't my roommate Jess because she's not a bitch and only uses the kitchen for her Powerade addiction. Sarah only eats string cheese and Domino's (although I wouldn't put it past her if she actually ate vegetables. So I am 95% sure it was Caylin, who has the freezer packed full with her goddamn frozen raviolis, her goddamn frozen Bird's Eye roasted potatoes with veggies, and her goddamn frozen cheesy rice with broccoli. Which all have HER NAME ON IT.  Apparently things in the freezer without a name on them are free game? Seriously, if her frozen spinach wasn't in plain sight within the freezer, I totally would have been on that shit.  So, as it turned out, we had lamb chops and rice, but no veggie. UNBALANCED MEAL ARRRRRGGGGHHH.
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omg! smecker!


I have a feeling Sean would think this was DELICIOUS. :-P

This article coming to me, of course, the day after we made super yummy eggs with the shredded last bit of our Gouda cheese log, sauteed onions, and crumbled bacon... cooked with the grease from the bacon pan, to "conserve our resources." Seriously, they were amazing and beyond restaurant-quality.

Don't worry, we each did 25 crunches to make up for it! :-D

<3 Jessie

P.S. I've been quite happier these past few days.  Mostly because of things. Things that didn't bother me nearly as much as Sean (or I) thought they would. Which is to say, after the fact, very little. Except I wish I had better comprehension skills and wasn't the type of person who needs things explained to them. And that I was smarter. I that my brain (and by extension, my voice) didn't make connections during conversations that nobody else understands (granted, I learned to converse from my mother, who is the queen of this... seriously, you should listen in on a discussion between us)... Mostly, this is me wishing that I was perfect. And more confidable. And perfect.

Also, I love everyone. <3
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omg! iroh!

Oh Boy, You'll get a kick out of this, Sean...,23599,24891359-421,00.html

Ahh, PETA.

In other news, I am at MCLA and have been completely unpacked for hours (Mom wanted to beat Winter Storm Carlos, so she brought me here earlier).  I'm the only one here, which is REALLY nice.  I am currently sitting down to a tasty meal of really good deli ham and smoked gouda with horseradish mustard on a snowball roll, pretzels with raspberry honey mustard pretzel dip, and I think the water's ready for a nice cup of peppermint cocca in my favorite mug.

I downloaded Repo! The Genetic Opera the other day, so I'm going to watch that.
And then play some PS2...

Also, it's mighty cold.

<3 Jessie

P.S. On a less nice note, I found two things of milk in the fridge. Expiration date Dec 16 2008. God I hate my housemates.
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"The 6 Most Problematic Barbie Situations in History", etc (EXTREME LINK DUMP!!)

Taken from cleolinda's linkspam, this is exquisitely hilarious...

The entire blog is pretty funny.  I spent the better part of last night going through it and reading the best parts to Sean.  You just need to sift through a lot of entries on hot chicks and boobs...

Here's another one:

And another:

And another:

Ooh, here's a good one:

And again:

And this:

And this:

Okay, last one, I swear:

What can I say? I have a twisted sense of humor.
If you thought I was above this kind of stuff, well my friend, you are sadly mistaken!
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omg! richard iii!

Is my 20th birthday today.

Everyone's been giving me constant birthday wishes.
...I still feel like I'm 19.

Sean woke me up at 4:54 (the time I was born)...
Me: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
Sean: Hey... hey... hey... hey...
Me: Zzzzz... huh?
Sean: Hey.
Me: ...Yeah?
Sean: Happy Birthday.
Me: Thank you, honey. *snuggle* Zzzzzzzzzzzzz...

He made me a really neat card and he drew a ravenous cuddle bear on it...
And he got me an awesome handcrafted mug. I might have to test it out with some hot chocolate later tonight.

OMG, I think he's sweet on me, you guys! <3

Plans tonight include a steak dinner, cake baking (devil's food with vanilla icing/sprinkles and chocolate chips inside), and Tropic Thunder (a.k.a The Funniest Movie I've Seen in a While)

Mom's picking me up tomorrow around noonish.  I'm excited for Turkey Day, because my mom makes om nom nom delicious food, and I'll get to take leftovers back up to school with me!
I'm curious as to what I'm getting for presents this weekend...


I strongly recommend beatonna 's comics. They are silly and full of historical figures. 
My favorite:  It is a Richard III comic, and it's where I got this icon from.

Also, I found this today: Watchmen - The Condensed Version. It is AWESOME, but don't read it if you haven't read Watchmen yet.

<3 Jessie
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